How To Find The Perfect Flavor Pairings For Cabernet Sauvignon

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How To Find The Perfect Flavor Pairings For Cabernet Sauvignon

1 March 2017
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Nothing turns an ordinary dinner into a special occasion better than the perfect pairing of food and beverage flavors. If you're starting with the refined taste of Cabernet Sauvignon, you have a tall order to fill finding the perfect food to match.

Below, we discuss the characteristics of this favorite pairing wine and several flavors that blend deliciously with a classic Cabernet Sauvignon.

Why You Love Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon, sometimes called "King Cab," is one of the most complex wines available. This wine is one of the most grown in the world, with dedicated vineyards that range from South Africa to Napa Valley, California.

This red wine has medium tannin and acidity levels with bold flavors. All Cabernet Sauvignons start with lush, dark fruits like black cherries and currants. Often, these fruity notes are tempered with savory flavors like licorice, black pepper, and violets. The result is a luxuriously bright wine perfect for enjoying alongside a meal.

How to Pair Cabernet Sauvignon With Food

Foodies around the world love Cabernet Sauvignon for its versatility. There's no one perfect pairing for this wine, but rather a specific flavor profile that compliments and highlights the best of King Cab's complexities.

When planning a meal to go with Cabernet Sauvignon, look for dishes that feature the following flavors:

  1. Fattiness—Like other red wines, Cabernet Sauvignon pairs beautifully with red meat. Because King Cab has a lot of body, it can hold up against some of the juiciest, fattiest cuts of meat you can find, like brisket.
  2. Richness—King Cab can also reach beyond the realm of simple red meat. The complexity and freshness of this wine uplifts rich dishes that would otherwise feel heavy, like duck or venison. This combination can also work for your dessert course if you wish to serve cheesecake or another decadent delicacy.
  3. Sharpness—With this bold wine, there's no need to shy away from strong flavors. One of the most popular flavor choices is strong, sharp cheese like parmesan. Other sharp flavors like fresh ginger or mint also work well.
  4. Umami—The term "umami" applies to meaty, savory flavor that doesn't fall into the categories of sweet, salty, bitter, or sour. Cabernet Sauvignon can reflect the depth of umami foods without becoming overwhelmed. Find the perfect umami pairing in shiitake mushrooms, cured meats, or fermented cheeses.

Use these guidelines to have your next dinner party smitten with the sophisticated combination of Cabernet Sauvignon and your favorite entree.