How To Throw An Indian-Themed Dinner Party

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How To Throw An Indian-Themed Dinner Party

22 May 2017
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Dinner parties that celebrate other cultures are a wonderful opportunity to introduce family and friends to traditions and flavors that are unfamiliar to them. An Indian-themed party is a great option because there are so many foods and games to choose from and the decorations are colorful and festive. Here are some suggestions for an enjoyable and easy way to celebrate a little Indian culture.

Food to Serve

Choosing to go with Indian food delivery as opposed to preparing everything at home will make it easier to have a large variety of food to sample and feel secure that it was authentically prepared. Consider ordering appetizers like onion bhaji or tandoori tofu, serve tandoori chicken, galouti kebabs or Marut Sikka for dinner. Payasam, a pudding with cashew and raisins is a good dessert option, and the frozen shake/ice cream treat of Falooda is also enjoyable. Serve beverages like tea and coffee or thandai. This drink includes a variety of ingredients, including almonds, fennel seeds, saffron and milk and sugar. Visit an Indian restaurant like Deccan Spice for more inspiration.

Games to Play

Satoliya, also known as Pithoo or Lagori, is a game that allows any number of players to join. It requires seven small flat stones in descending sizes. The stones are stacked from largest to smallest and a cloth ball is thrown to knock them down. Rules and game kits are available online. Pachisi (Parcheesi or Ludo) is also an ancient game. The traditional rules are different from what people know from the Americanized version. Rules and printable game boards can be found online. Another option is Pallanguli, a game that includes seeds and cups. An explanation of the game is found here.

Give Some Gifts

Parties are always more fun when the guests go home with a few party favors. Consider using elephant placeholders for the dinner party and allowing the diners to take the one holding their name home that night. Fill gold colored favor boxes with treats ordered from an Indian restaurant like sweet carrot and coconut truffles, Mysore Bonda or nan khaati. Purchase or make hand dyed dupatta ( a silk scarf or veil) or give candles or incense scented with jasmine or sandalwood. 

Indian food, decorations and games are all perfect for a fun party atmosphere. There are many ways to adapt the menu and the schedule to suit all party guests. This type of festive event is perfect for a wedding reception, birthday party or anniversary as well as a basic dinner party.