Pack Safety And Comfort Items When Preparing For A Camping Experience

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Pack Safety And Comfort Items When Preparing For A Camping Experience

6 March 2018
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If you have been working around the clock and plan on taking time off in the next couple weeks so that you and your spouse can relax while camping in a remote location, pack items that will provide you and your loved one with safety and comfort. Follow the directives below when preparing for the camping experience. 

Pack Cooking Gear, Food, And Beverages

If you plan on eating hot meals while on the camping trip, packing cooking gear will be essential. Lightweight bowls, mixing spoons, a pot, pan, and utensils are basic cooking materials that will aid in preparing and serving meals. Place the items inside of a waterproof bag that has a zipper closure so that cooking gear does not get dirty while en route to the campsite you have selected.

Pack non-perishable food items and beverages to bring along with you. If you plan on fishing while on the trip and intend to preserve what you catch prior to preparing it, dry ice will keep the fish cool and will prevent the fish from spoiling. 

Dry ice (carbon dioxide) comes in a solid form, but will eventually turn into a gas when exposed to temperatures above freezing for long lengths of time. If you choose to purchase dry ice, refrain from touching it with your bare hands because you could burn your skin because of the coldness of the ice.

Place dry ice in the bottom of a cooler and secure the lid to the cooler. Pack a pair of gloves to wear when filling or emptying the cooler with food or beverages so that you do not accidentally touch the dry ice. 

Purchase A Tent, Air Mattress, And First Aid Items

If you do not already own a tent or air mattress, purchasing these items from a camping supply store will ensure that you and your partner have a suitable area to sleep while on the trip. Bring a portable air pump on the camping trip so that you can fill the mattress quickly.

You likely won't suffer injuries while inside of your tent, but you could become injured while navigating through the woods or climbing up hills. Buy a first aid kit that contains several bandages, gauze, antibiotic ointment, and scissors. Place the kit inside of your tent so that you have access to the first aid items at all times. 

Learn The Lay Of The Land And Acquire Navigation Device

Research the area where you will be camping so that you can learn about the geographical features that it possesses. Study a map or guide several days prior to your camping trip so that you will be familiar with the area you will be hiking and camping in. Bring a map and compass along with you on the camping trip so that you and your spouse aren't prone to getting lost.

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