What Are Plant-Based Recipes?

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What Are Plant-Based Recipes?

27 June 2022
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Anyone who has searched for recipes on the internet lately is likely to have seen many different "trendy" recipes pop up across the website. Although these recipes involve a wide range of ingredients and are part of different cuisines, they all typically have one thing in common: they are plant-based.

In the past few years, many Americans have made the transition from an omnivorous (consuming both meat and plants) or carnivorous (consuming mostly meat/animal products) to an herbivorous diet (plant-based). This transition has spawned various eating patterns and ways of life, including vegetarianism and veganism. Vegetarianism and veganism are based primarily on the consumption of plants, which requires both a dedication to plant-based recipes and a strong passion for plants.

Plant-based Meals

Plant-based meals have become extremely popular in recent years. Several large fast-food chains have begun offering plant-based hamburgers, which is a major success for individuals who choose to consume a plant-based diet. When eating out, there are usually plenty of plant-based options available. However, eating out for every meal can quickly become expensive. As a plant-based consumer, it is crucial that you are able to find plant-based recipes and use them to prepare plant-based meals that you genuinely enjoy. A simple search on the internet can provide hundreds of thousands of plant-based recipes, which means that it can take some time to find recipes that you will truly enjoy. Take a moment to reflect. Before you chose to consume a plant-based diet, what meals did you enjoy? Is it possible for you to transform that meal into a plant-based meal? Here is an example: chicken tikka masala is a classic Indian dish, made with nuanced Indian spices, tender chicken, and creamy yogurt. Tikka masala is a delicious meal, but unfortunately, it is not plant-based. If you enjoyed eating tikka masala before you became a plant-based consumer, do not worry. The online plant-based community has found a simple way to transform this delicious Indian dish into a purely plant-based meal. Swapping the chicken out for chickpeas allows you to enjoy a similar texture (and a high amount of protein). Another simple swap involves trading out the regular yogurt for a plant-based yogurt. Look for coconut yogurt or cashew milk yogurt, which will add a tang to your spicy dish. Eating a plant-based diet today is easier and more affordable than ever, thanks to the plant-based recipes on the internet and countless delicious ways to create plant-based meals at home.