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tips for reducing dinner prep for crazy schedules

I have a crazy schedule that limits the amount of time that I have each evening to prepare healthy, tasty meals for my family. Between my work schedule and the kids' extracurricular activities, I have roughly one hour to prepare and feed my family. I have worked with a group of mothers that share the same crazy schedule that I do. We have come up with several time-saving tips that can help you get through the dinner preparation process much more quickly without sacrificing the nutritional values of the foods that you serve to your family each and every crazy evening.


Top Reasons To Reduce Your Sugar Intake And Consume Alternatives

15 December 2016
Food & Cooking, Articles

For many people, warnings about the dangers of sugar on dental health have been have been ingrained in the mind since childhood. These warnings are backed by scientific proof that too much sugar consumption leads to tooth decay. Excess sugar can also cause a host of other medical problems. However, reducing your sugar consumption is easier said than done especially if you are a foodie and love to cook. If you are struggling to lower your sugar intake and need some motivation and guidance, the following primer on how sugar can be a detriment to your health may inspire you to take action and consider ways to help curb your sugar consumption. Read More …

Make Your Own Tea K-Cups! A Tea For Every Occasion

13 January 2016
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Articles

Keurig machines may have been designed for brewing coffee, but they do an excellent job of making tea, too. Rather than buying numerous tea k-cups (which can get pretty expensive and generate a lot of waste), consider making your own tea k-cups using a refillable k-cup and a range of ingredients you can buy at most grocery stores. You can make a tea for every occasion. Chamomile Orange Tea: Promotes relaxation and sleep, and soothes achy muscles. Read More …