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tips for reducing dinner prep for crazy schedules

I have a crazy schedule that limits the amount of time that I have each evening to prepare healthy, tasty meals for my family. Between my work schedule and the kids' extracurricular activities, I have roughly one hour to prepare and feed my family. I have worked with a group of mothers that share the same crazy schedule that I do. We have come up with several time-saving tips that can help you get through the dinner preparation process much more quickly without sacrificing the nutritional values of the foods that you serve to your family each and every crazy evening.


What Are Plant-Based Recipes?

27 June 2022
Food & Cooking, Blog

Anyone who has searched for recipes on the internet lately is likely to have seen many different "trendy" recipes pop up across the website. Although these recipes involve a wide range of ingredients and are part of different cuisines, they all typically have one thing in common: they are plant-based. In the past few years, many Americans have made the transition from an omnivorous (consuming both meat and plants) or carnivorous (consuming mostly meat/animal products) to an herbivorous diet (plant-based). Read More …

Coffee Drinks To Make With Colombian Coffee Beans

27 January 2022
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

Coffee beans are traditionally grown in tropical climates that offer plenty of sunlight and warmth. Columbia is a popular growing region that produces smooth and well-rounded coffee. It's often roasted to a medium darkness that further complements its mellow and nutty flavor. Here are four drinks you can prepare with whole bean Colombian coffee. 1. Cafe Latte A cafe latte, often known simply as a latte, is a drink made with espresso and milk. Read More …